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QFDQuality Function Deployment
QFDQuasi Fiscal Deficit (economics)
QFDQuilt Fabric Delights (North Brighton, Australia)
QFDQuality Functional Development
QFDQuantum Fluid Dynamics
QFDQuincy Fire Department (Massachusetts)
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2017) described a new method, which systematically integrates QFD with TRIZ for effective and systematic creation of technical innovation for new products.
When it comes to the innovative methods in different stage of the manufacturing innovation chain, after analyzing the market information, enterprises can rely on root analysis and QFD to search for new innovation point, so as to provide new ideas in product innovation and value realization.
QFD has been used successfully in academic settings.
Teniendo en cuenta las necesidades encontradas en la metodologia QFD para el desarrollo del potenciostato, se tomaron como caracteristicas principales del diseno del hardware:
Although these methods have provided some appropriate frameworks to assess SAs (or ECs) with imprecise information, they are far from enough to rationally deal with the uncertain phenomenon encountered in the QFD process, since there still exist many imprecise quantities, particularly those involving linguistic ambiguity and subjective estimation, behaving neither like randomness nor like fuzziness [14,15].
In fact, QFD focus on customer point of views and in the early stages, Engineering and management Perspective has less importance also partial customer needs from product or service are defined.
In completing the QFD design process, a design goal (target) was assigned to each DR (critical or otherwise) by the design team in accordance with the QFD analysis and the findings of previous studies.
El QFD logra poner en perspectiva los dos modelos macro y micro de la satisfaccion de cliente en relacion con la evaluacion de la calidad percibida, y los medios para asegurar tal calidad de salida.
Additionally, the 2-tuple linguistic variable (Herrera, Martinez 2000), associated with linguistic and numerical information, is introduced to further improve the pure linguistic QFD model of Wang (2010) to increase the discrimination capability and sensitivity of qualitative linguistic information (Martinez et al.