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QFEQuick Fix Engineering (Microsoft)
QFEQuad Fast Ethernet
QFEQuoted for Emphasis
QFEQuest for Excellence
QFEQuestion for Everyone (online chats and forums)
QFEAtmospheric pressure (Q) at Field Elevation (aviation)
QFEQualified Forensic Expert
QFEQuery Field Elevation
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95) The FMA may also issue directions to AFAs and QFE to comply with specified terms or conditions, and it may stipulate steps that must be taken to comply with such terms and conditions.
As it turns out, some ot the earliest aviators who couldn't range far from the airport (OK, the "field") anyway, really only needed to know their height referenced to the airport, so QFE was a common way of setting altimeters in the early days of aviation.
Goldman Sachs acted as sole financial advisor to QFE on this
QFE is an investment vehicle of the Qatar Foundation controlled by Shaikha Mozah, the wife of the country's emir.
We entered into a binding agreement with Qatar Foundation Endowment ( QFE) under which Bharti will issue 199,870,006 of its new shares to QFE representing a share holding of five per cent in the company post issuance of the new shares," the company said in a statement.
QFE will subscribe to these new shares at a price of INR 340 per stock amounting to a total consideration of USD 1.
The purchase by QFE - an investment vehicle of the Qatar Foundation controlled by Sheikha Mozah, the second wife of the country's emir - pushes India ahead of China to top Asia's inbound league table for mergers and acquisitions this year.
Irma uses its weekly flyers, which tell of cut prices, to promote QFE But Ipland said that most customers are aware of the products' quality beforehand and go for the bargains.
The 'Electronic Shear Pin' facility integrated into Fairford's QFE series of soft starters eliminates the need for a mechanical shear pin entirely, according to the manufacturer.
It is easily seen that, [rho] : B [right arrow] A is a left QFE if and only if (iff: briefly) [A.
For instance, the terms patch, hotfix, and QFE are largely synonymous, all referring to a software change whose scope is limited to a small number of changes.
The tolerance level for defects is smaller than the space between the leads of a fine-pitch QFE Two ways to support this elusive goal are through integrated inspection and statistical process control (SPC).