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QFFQantas Frequent Flyer (Qantas Airlines; Australia)
QFFQueensland Farmers' Federation (Australia)
QFFQueensland Folk Federation (folk culture preservation; Australia)
QFFQuest for Freedom (website)
QFFQuantitative Fleet Feedback (Navy)
QFFQuick Fix Force
QFFQualified Firefighter (Australia and New Zealand)
QFFQuebec Fencing Federation
QFFQueer Film Festival (various locations)
QFFQuest for Freedom Forums
QFFQuick Frozen Foodstuff
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Reflecting the thematic focus of QFF, the core learning programme of the centre will feature training in critical areas such as fisheries.
In January of this year, QFF brought smiles to the faces of 1,400 children and family members through a ski education program that was conducted at Yuubari City in Hokkaido.
In the past, these films would only be seen at the QFF, but they're now in the Melbourne International Film Festival, and queer characters are popping up in straight TV, like in The Secret Life Of Us (Channel Ten).
QFF Chief Executive Officer Travis Tobin said it was critical to secure a strong and sustainable future for Queenslands primary producers, and that meant managing the risks posed by climate change.
For its part, QFF will be responsible for organising players' participation in all local, regional and global events.
4mn grant from QFF and was built in partnership with Junior Achievement - a non-profit organisation teaching youth about the value of enterprise through educational programmes.
This project of CONECT is part of the entrepreneurial platform of QFF which comprises hitherto BFPME, Entrepreneurship Network Tunisia, Intilaq, Taysir Microfinance and Tunisia Growth Association.
On average, they said QFF was as good as or better than 'fresh' produce in supermarkets--a fact that is no surprise to OFFI readers, but is certainly not known by a lot of Danish consumers.
Sam Martin joins QFF editorial staff as Associate Editor.
It will also provide an extensive communication and engagement program to ensure people are aware of the fruit fly risks and the need for the whole community to work together if Queensland QFF is to be managed.
TAP) - The 6th Roadshow "Thniti" by CONECT & QFF (Qatar Friendship Fund) to stop for the 1st time at Sfax, Kebili, Medenine, Gabes and Sidi Bouzid, in order to source candidates for the creation of enterprises, according to a Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT) press release, Friday.