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QFIQualified Flying Instructor
QFIQuadrise Fuels International, PLC (UK)
QFIQualifications for Industry (UK)
QFIQuantity-Frequency Index (alcohol use)
QFIQuality Foods, Inc.
QFIQueen Forfeits Immediately (internet card game)
QFIQuest for Immortality (Kings of Chaos gaming group)
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Automatically qualifying subsidiaries and managed funds of QFI applicants without the need to submit separate applications
Creating an Arabic honor society was a natural next-step for QFI.
The Quantidex DNA assay quantifies absolute copy numbers of genomic DNA, flags PCR inhibitors from the sample, and reports functional DNA quality from challenging specimens such as FFPE tumor biopsies using the QFI Score.
The QFI establishes a set of behaviours adopted by the members of a team (considered as a system and not simply as a group of individuals), whose objective is to facilitate the execution of common tasks.
Till now FIIs were permitted to invest USD 25 billion in G-Secs (Comprising of two sub-limits of USD 10 billion and USD 15 billion), USD 26 billion in General Corporate bonds (comprising of USD 25 billion limit for FIIs and USD 1 billion limit for QFIs) and USD 25 billion in Long-term infra bonds (comprising of USD 10 billion limit for IDFs, USD 12 billion limit for FII investment in long-term infra bonds and USD 3 billion limit for QFI investment in Mutual Fund Debt schemes which invest in Infrastructure sector).
Given the widespread interest in understanding the requirements and mechanism to access Indian capital markets through the QFI route, especially from large investors in the Middle East, a series of investment conferences are being convened across the Gulf," he said.
Besides, every QFI will have separate bank account and they can retain money in bank accounts in India.
US PRV Aerospace, a producer of components for the aerospace and defence sectors, said it had taken over Californian sheet metal components maker Quality Forming, or QFI, in collaboration with its management.
The two QFI awards have been presented to Amcor Flexibles Helio Folien, Germany, for best performing site and to Amcor Flexibles for best performing flexible supplier.
Bosses have drafted in specialist firm QFI to develop a more efficient discharge process to free beds.
I'm not a QFI, but Bill Gibson who is in the ordnance field and an RAF group captain, has more experience than I have, and he perhaps will answer some of your questions later.