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QFIQualified Flying Instructor
QFIQuadrise Fuels International, PLC (UK)
QFIQualifications for Industry (UK)
QFIQuantity-Frequency Index (alcohol use)
QFIQuality Foods, Inc.
QFIQueen Forfeits Immediately (internet card game)
QFIQuest for Immortality (Kings of Chaos gaming group)
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The QFI rules ensure that only the largest and most experienced foreign investors are allowed to enter the stock market.
The maximum proportion of the shares of any issuer whose shares are listed that may be owned by QFIs and approved QFI clients is 20 per cent, according to the Capital Market Authority.
Corporate bonds of USD 51 billion dollars (by merging USD one billion for QFIs, USD 25 billion dollars for FIIs in corporate bonds and USD 25 billion for FIIs in long term infra bonds).
He added that the process was simple and individuals and institutions could get QFI status within 48 hours.
The Central Board of Direct Taxes ( CBDT) will shortly issue clarifications on issues concerning taxation on QFI investments.
Bosses have drafted in specialist firm QFI to develop a more efficient discharge process to free beds.
I'm not a QFI, but Bill Gibson who is in the ordnance field and an RAF group captain, has more experience than I have, and he perhaps will answer some of your questions later.
From these items, quantity-frequency indices (QFIs) were computed by multiplying the quantity by the frequency for each beverage type, as well as an aggregated Overall QFI representing consumption of all beverages combined.
A very few years on and Juliette was promoted from Pilot Officer to Flying Officer and gained her QFI (Qualified Flying Instructor) status.
If COD income is excluded from gross income due to bankruptcy, insolvency or QFI exceptions, Sec.
The newest addition to the QFI line is the Victory MC5 semiautomatic pistol.
5 million DM, largely involved QFI in-line freezers and spiral freezers manufactured by British associate Starfrost Systems Ltd.