QFMAQatar Financial Markets Authority
QFMAQueensland Fisheries Management Authority
QFMAQuebec Furniture Manufacturers' Association
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According to the QFMA, a company may file an application with the QFMA for the listing of the rights within 10 days from the company's approval on the capital increase at an Extraordinary General Assembly.
The secondary market comprises several categories as defined by QFMA or established by a financial market under its umbrella.
Nasser Ahmed Al Shaibi, CEO of QFMA, said, "The project of listing small and medium enterprises on the capital market aims to support these companies by providing them access to the adequate financing to help them grow, expand and develop.
There's a real shortage of technicians who specialize in production start-ups," said Jean Francois Michaud, executive vice president of the QFMA "and the situation isn't getting any better.
The QFMA approval also included a set of procedures to be followed in implementing the decision in terms of identifying the shareholders eligible to attend the general assembly meeting and the shareholders entitled to bonus shares as well as the date of payment.
Qatari publicly-traded companies initiated the development of a governance report since 2010 under the provisions of the governance code issued by the QFMA in 2009.
Once approved by QFMA, the ETF product would list on Qatar Stock Exchange and provide investors with exposure to the index benchmark with a single trade.
On the new service, QNB said it was delighted to receive custody license from QFMA and start offering custody services working closely with QE
Summary: DOHA - The Qatar Financial Markets Authority, or QFMA, has officially adopted new listing and IPO rules in the secondary market after consultations with concerned parties.
We are delighted and honoured to have been able to assist the QFMA in developing a modern Corporate Governance Code for Qatar complying with best international standards and practices and consistent with our strategy of working with leading institutions in the region to develop benchmarks for implementing better practices and policies among companies across the region.
Naturally, the first place for our manufacturers to turn is the United States," says Michel Gervais, QID marketing director and also director of marketing for the QFMA.