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QFSQuota & File Sentinel (NTP Software)
QFSQueensland Fisheries Service
QFSQuebec Family Study
QFSQuality First Software GmbH (software; Germany)
QFSQuenched Fluorescent Substrate (molecular biology)
QFSQualification Facilities Support (David Florida Laboratory, Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa, Canada)
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Sperm motion characteristics, acrosome reaction rates, the intensity of tyrosine phosphorylation on the western blot, oxidative injury rates, and DNA fragmentation rates were subjected to the Wilcoxon signed-rank test to evaluate the differences among the four groups (HTS, HTP, QFS, and QFP) or the difference between two groups (HTS and GSH).
Contudo, ha outros indicadores de QFS, como a curva de retencao de agua do solo, a condutividade hidraulica, a porosidade, o ponto de inflexao e as caracteristicas de retencao de agua do solo; que tornam o processo de avaliacao da qualidade fisica mais simples, rapido e menos complexo (Santos et al.
According to QFS, Xiong was an employee and partner of QFS for almost 14 years until he left in mid-2011 to take a sabbatical from the industry.
Training initiatives such as this one at QFS are exactly what the United Way program emphasizes.
Through the QFS process, we assist suppliers on-site in identifying and analyzing chronic systemic issues that threaten quality or delivery, and we work with them to ensure that their improvement plans are effective and that the desired results are actually achieved.
All three measures estimated approximately the same percentage of heavy drinkers (two drinks or more per day = one ounce of pure ethanol) for men, but the QFS gave higher estimates of heavy drinking women compared with the other two, clearly related to the higher ethanol content of drink sizes for wine on the QFS, compared with the standard drink assumption.
This virtualized DFS pool does not require a volume manager, but it can coexist with QFS, NFS, UFS, and Solaris Volume Manager.
Under the terms QFS would pay US$75 million for all the shrs in QFS stock.
Al principio la QFS se presenta como lesiones elongadas de color blanco que posteriormente se tornan purpura, hundidas y rodeadas por un margen blanquecino (Hill, 1996, Basallote-Ureba et al.
UV-curable 463 and 200 cyanoacrylate adhesive used with QFS 16 activator can be used for wire tacking applications, while end caps can be sealed with HH190 anaerobic adhesive.
Grossman, NBER and University of Pennsylvania, and Zhougquan Zhou, QFS, "Incomplete Equitization and the Foreign Exchange Risk Premium"
UV (ultraviolet) stability shall be measured per ASTM 53 - 88 utilizing a QUV Weatherometer with QFS 40 bulbs.