QGFQuasi Goldstone Fermion (physics)
QGFQuantum Gold Fund
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The press conference also featured a series of sponsorship signing agreements between the QGF and a host of sponsors including Aspire, Dana Waters, The Look Company, Holiday Villa Hotel among others.
Some of our gymnasts are not fully fit and we cannot take risk by fielding in this competition," the QGF president noted.
The QGF is deeply committed to assure the prosperity of gymnastics in the country and to support the vision of the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) in bringing the world together through sport.
The QGF organising committee has also invited presidents of some national and regional Gymnastics Federations to attend the event in Doha.
The organising committee of the 9th Artistic Gymnastics Challenge Cup is chaired by the al-Hitmi and includes Abeer al-Boanain the QGF Assistant Secretary as a Tournament Director, Mohammad al-Marakhi, Deputy Tournament Director and Head of Public Relations Committee, Abdulrahman al-Qahtani, Head of Finance and Media Committee, Anis Saoud, Head of Judges Committee, Aysha al-Naimi, Head of Protocol Committee , Abdulrahman al-Muftah, Head of Spectators Committee and Dr Yojan Bokova, Head of Medical Committee.
The Head of Spectator Committee said the QGF has allocated a space for families and people with special needs, with volunteers available to help them.
The higher Organising committee under the leadership of the QGF president Ali al-Hitmi met recently to discuss the final arrangements for the event.
The meeting was attended by the QGF assistant secretary general Abeer al-Boainain and heads of Working Committees.
The FIG meeting focused on the upcoming FIG events and thanked the QGF for hosting the 9th edition of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics Challenge Cup.
The QGF president reaffirmed that the increase in the numbers of participating countries was due the trust of other federations in the ability of Qatar to host an exceptional event in March.
Qatar Gymnastics Federation (QGF) president Ali al-Hitmi (C) with QGF secretary general Mohamed al-Jabir (R) and board member Mohamed al-Mouragi during the press conference to announce the FIG World Challenge Cup Artistic Gymnastics to be held here at the Aspire Dome from March 27-29.
Overall, YGFs were associated with CT, but QGFs were not associated with CT.