QHESQuality of Health Economic Studies
QHESQuail Hollow Elementary School (Wesley Chapel, FL)
QHESQuality HealthCare Elderly Services (est. 1998; Hong Kong)
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Table 1 summarizes characteristics of the eligible studies, including objective, study design, study population, setting, time horizon, outcome measures, results, and QHES quality score.
The QHES scores ranged from 22 to 94, with an average of 56.
However, many included studies received higher QHES quality scores due to transparent justification for conclusions, explicitly stated primary and secondary outcomes, and having collected data from the best available source(s).
Future cost and cost analysis studies regarding infection prevention in LTCFs may improve on the current body of work by ensuring the study addresses all items in the CHEERS, QHES, or a similar health economic publication checklists, and authors, reviewers, and editors are encouraged to use these developed checklists.