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of cases Treatment Given Anterior knee pain 03 NSAIDS Infection (Superficial) 01 Intravenous antibiotics Infection (Deep) 0 Extensor Lag 03 Rehabilitation Table 15: Surgical Protocol Author & Graft Technique Femoral Tibial Year of used Fixation Fixation Publisher Patel Ipsilateral Arthroscopic Interference Interference 2010 autogenous screw screw BTB/QHG Jomha Ipsilateral Arthroscopic Interference Interference 20008 autogenous screw screw BTB/QHG Bach Ipsilateral Arthroscopic Interference Interference 2008 autogenous screw screw QTG/BTB Our Ipsilateral Arthroscopic Interference Interference Study autogenous screw screw BPTB/QTG/ QHG Table 16: Patient Variables Author & No.
For linearly polarized quantum light, substituting (22) into (6), we can obtain the formula for the degree of depolarization of QHG beams propagating through a turbulent atmosphere slant channel
Now we study the numerical results of the influence of turbulence on the depolarization degree of QHG beams by using the formulae derived in the above section.
However, QHG beams propagating in turbulent atmosphere experience more disturbance beyond diffraction than those in free space.
3 (a) that the degree of depolarization DP(x, z) of QHG beams propagating in turbulent atmosphere has an oscillatory behavior at first, and then it arrives at a limiting value near 0 with increasing propagation distance.
5, we examine the effects of spectrum power-law exponent a on the degree of depolarization DP(x, z) of QHG beams.
Figure 6 presents the degree of depolarization DP(x, z) of QHG beams with different [C.
Figure 7 shows the degree of depolarization DP(x, z) of QHG beams versus zenith angle [theta].
1 The functor F : QHG [right arrow] AQHG is a reflector; more precisely the pair ([r.
On the other hand, he would adjust those ideas by setting a greater distance between QHG and its generic antecedents, the Antiochene Quaestiones, and the Origenian Commentarioli.
These suggestions are really a sort of modernized restatement of the old positions on QHG which had been advocated by G.
However, I believe that Hayward should have provided a more extensive explanation of his decision to go back to Vallarsi's edition, because this decision has implications which go well beyond QHG.