QHPQualified Health Plan
QHPQuality Hydraulic Power (various locations)
QHPQualified Horary Practitioner (astrology)
QHPHonorary Physician to the Queen (UK)
QHPQuality Household Packing (Canada)
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Customers who were enrolled in a QHP during 2017 should now be on the lookout for their 1095-A form that will be sent out beginning the week of Jan.
Unfortunately, the government's withholding of full annual payments from insurers with considerable losses may force insurers to leave the exchanges, significantly increase premiums, offer fewer QHPs, or even close their doors completely.
The research most similar to ours pairs aggregated counts of QHP enrollment with survey estimates to measure a selection rate defined as the number of people that have selected a QHP divided by the number of likely market participants (Enroll American 2014; KFF 2014a; Buettgens, Kenney, and Pan 2015; Drake, Abraham, and McCullough 2016).
The risk corridors program is supposed to use "excess gains" from thriving QHP issuers to help struggling QHP issuers in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
We identified two distinct groups of non-elderly individuals (aged 0-64) deemed most likely to benefit from the online Marketplaces: those enrolled or otherwise eligible for Medicaid and those who appeared likely to shop for a QHP.
QHPs refer to health plans that are certified by the federal health insurance marketplace, provide essential health benefits, follow established limits on cost-sharing, and meet other federal requirements.
The ACA permits QHP issuers to collect premiums for non-excepted abortion services and all other services in one transfer of funds.
Exchanges will not enroll individuals in Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), but will rather accept applications and transmit the information to the QHPs for enrollment in a timely fashion.
a wholly owned subsidiary of QHP Systems has been appointed to act as Ultera's Exclusive Business Representative in China.
Centene did not break out separate QHP enrollee premium or earnings figures, but the company said the amount it expects to pay into the PPACA risk-adjustment program as of March 31 was $335 million, up from $72 million per year earlier.
Dave Wichmann, president of the company's UnitedHealthcare unit, said during a conference call with securities analysts that the number of QHP enrollees is "well ahead of our earnings outlook.
Berman, who told the QHP representatives that the company's commitment to the store brand label is "larger than you would think for a 38-store chain," asked about order minimums, labeling and a number of other issues.