QHTQuaker Housing Trust (London, England, UK)
QHTQuality High Tech Services, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
QHTQuartz Halogen-Tungsten
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Differential accumulation and usage of lipid and protein reserves in developing oocytes was confirmed with QHT and DIA.
Because the use of QHT and DIA techniques for the study of reproductive biology of marine bivalves is so recent, comparative inter and intraspecies data are limited.
The QHT (or Quality Highly Accelerated Life Testing) program was developed by QualMark as part of a strategic alliance with TUV Product Service.
QualMark has also partnered with TUV Product Service to offer the QHT Product Certification Program, a new standard in product durability testing.
During the quarter, 3Com Corporation became one of QualMark's first QHT customers with its decision to subject its SuperStack(TM) II product line to QHT testing and certification.
Wilson added, "3Com's participation in our new QHT program is a very strong endorsement of QualMark's innovative product testing technology.
Under that relationship, the two companies are jointly offering "TUV QHT certification" in the United States.
DENVER, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- QualMark Corporation (Nasdaq SmallCap Market: QMRK), a leading provider of accelerated life testing services and equipment primarily for electronics manufacturers, today announced that it is working with TUV Product Service to provide design ruggedization certification, known as TUV QHT, for test results obtained through its Accelerated Reliability Test Centers(SM) (ARTC(SM)).
Our objective is to establish the TUV QHT designation firmly in the minds of consumers so that it carries the same weight and credibility as other registration marks such as ISO 9000.