QHTQuantum Home Trainer (software)
QHTQuaker Housing Trust (London, England, UK)
QHTQuality High Tech Services, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
QHTQuartz Halogen-Tungsten
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Para as sub-escalas do QHT, os aspectos fisico (FI), funcional (FU) e emocional (EM) foram analisados separadamente para os dois grupos, conforme demonstrado na Tabela 2.
Differential accumulation and usage of lipid and protein reserves in developing oocytes was confirmed with QHT and DIA.
Because the use of QHT and DIA techniques for the study of reproductive biology of marine bivalves is so recent, comparative inter and intraspecies data are limited.
Cytological features of vitellogenic and postvitellogenic oocytes of Pinctada mazatlanica measured with QHT and DIA during reproductive cycle 2002-2003.
If the QHT is a synthetic liability, the interest expense would be subject to allocation and apportionment under the Sec.
A QHT is defined to consist of a qualified debt instrument," a "Sec.
The QHT (or Quality Highly Accelerated Life Testing) program was developed by QualMark as part of a strategic alliance with TUV Product Service.