QIASQuality Improvement and Accreditation System (National Childcare Accreditation Council)
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Indeed, the quality assessments reported in this paper present a distinctly different picture of the quality of ECEC services in Australia than the relatively high results from the prior QIAS system and some previous empirical work.
1994-2000 Introduction of QIAS A level of quality is (1994) guaranteed through QIAS.
We are concerned that under the current QIAS, a modernist focus on measurable, tangible aspects of quality has become overly dominant.
Lewis Carroll's story could be read as caution against seeing tangible aspects of quality that can be identified on a QIAS 'map' as synonymous with quality.
48) noted that hidden dimensions of professional practice are 'largely ignored' in quality assurance systems such as QIAS.
In the current study, participating teachers hinted at a professional dilemma--should they focus more on the less tangible aspects of quality, which they considered important even though they are not accounted for in the QIAS, or on the tangible aspects of quality that, in their view, were considered more important within their services because they are emphasised in the QIAS?
For example, Grieshaber (2000) has noted that the current Australian QIAS is based on the philosophy of developmentally appropriate practice.
Quality is about developing creativity I like the QIAS but it would have to be done our way.
Some of those who took part in the consultations were working in accredited services or had been through the QIAS process sometime in the past.