QIDSQuick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology
QIDSQueensland Industry Development Scheme (Australia)
QIDSQuality Indicators in the Design of Schools (Scotland, UK)
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The results from the two groups were to be compared to determine 1) which domains of depressive symptoms measured by the QIDS and the BDI-II reliably reflected depression in cardiovascular patients and 2) whether the intervention was significantly beneficial in this population.
Obstacles to successful completion of the study included the complexity of the study design, insufficient dedicated research time for the primary investigator, difficulty in scoring the QIDS, and the rapid flow of patients in the acute-care setting.
Likewise, scoring the QIDS was complicated; incorrect scoring occurred often and in some cases led to incorrect referrals.
Although the QIDS indicates timing and severity of depression, its time-consuming administration and scoring difficulty were prohibitive.
Overall, the self-report and clinical versions of the QIDS were similar in their psychometric properties.
is important regarding the use of the QIDS scales among full bipolar, bipolar disease-depressive period and major depressive disorder patients.
The internal consistencies of the QIDS obtained in studies from the United States were greater than our Cronbach's [alpha] coefficient, but there was no statistically significant difference between them (z = 0.
In a study of 102 depressed outpatients, patients felt the RDQ was more accurate than was the symptom-based QIDS in assessing their goals and progress in treatment, and they preferred the RDQ (Ann.
Patients filled out the RDQ and the QIDS, and were rated on the 17-item HAM-D and other measures.
It was capturing something unique" that the symptom-based QIDS and HAM-D scores missed, Dr.
This QIDS issue is part of our effort to broaden our investor base and gain the attention of investors around the country who will naturally want to learn more about TVA and what we have to offer," said Crowell.
Although this is a debt security, it has many of the characteristics of a preferred stock," Smith said, adding that TVA expects the QIDS to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange with equity securities of investor-owned power companies.