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QIEQuality Industrial Electronics (Greensboro, North Carolina)
QIEQuality in Education Centre (University of Strathclyde; UK)
QIEQuality Inspection Effort
qIEQuasi-Indo-European (linguistics)
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Nesta medida todos os grupos se diferenciaram entre si, seguindo o mesmo padrao encontrado no QIE, com destaque para o desempenho inferior do grupo composto por pacientes com meduloblastoma (classificacao limitrofe) que apresentou, dentre os grupos, a unica media de desempenho abaixo do esperado e as maiores diferencas significativas em relacao aos demais grupos.
Newly-elected President of QIE Syed Tariq Siraj Jafferi pledged to work for the betterment of industrial estate and also presented shields to the former presidents and Board Members of QIE.
See Lu Xun, Fetchtism, in QIE JIE TING ESSAYS (1934), available at http://www.
The 12 sample Industrial Estates established by the PSIC possess industrial plots of different sizes ranges from 5 Marlas to 4 kanal, however, in QIE minimum plot size is 14 marlas and maximum is 23 acres.
In the 1st phase GET will install a system to operate the office of QIE on solar power energy, Later this cooperation will extend for Street Lights, Security Systems, and Industrial Units.
QIE is sited at a prime location, adjacent to township in the city of Lahore and is easily accessible
President QIE Mian Nauman Kabir said he was ensuring all possible facilities to units in the industrial area.
Os autores encontraram que as quedas nas pontuacoes eram mediadas pelo desempenho dos individuos no QIE e em g (extraido por meio da analise fatorial hierarquica Schmid-Leiman e livre da influencia de fatores especificos).