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QIEQuality Industrial Electronics (Greensboro, North Carolina)
QIEQuality in Education Centre (University of Strathclyde; UK)
QIEQuality Inspection Effort
qIEQuasi-Indo-European (linguistics)
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GET and QIE are confident that by adopting the policy to produce energy for own use as an independent source will attract the other industrial zones to follow.
Ibrahim Qureshi, Faisal Ijaz Khan Chairman PVTC, Muhammad Ismail Khurram President QIE, Ahsan Mahmood Butt President SIE, Shiekh Muhammad Usman President MIE and Gulzar A.
QIE will open with strike prices of 7-1/2, 10 and 12-1/2, with position limits of 7,500 contracts.