QLFQue la Famille (French: Only the Family)
QLFQuantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence (medical imaging)
QLFQuebec-Labrador Foundation (Atlantic Center for the Environment; Ipswich, MA)
QLFQuality Liquid Feeds (Dodgeville, WI)
QLFQuality Loss Function
QLFQuantitative Laser Fluorescence (diagnostic technique)
QLFTry Sending Code With Your Left Foot (amateur radio code)
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09) were observed through Brody I, IGF, LHF, PEF, and QLF models; however, the lowest MAD value was given by LHF, whereas the lowest MSPE value was given by QLF.
6 The QLF is usually employed in detecting a range of lesions, and is most promising of the new technologies in the caries detection (Fig 1c and d).
The QLF is estimated to be 80 mu or 53,000 square metres.
At 6 months, the results from ICDAS and QLF exams showed non-significant directional differences.
described the commercial scale-up of its silicon-oxide QLF (Quartz-Like Film) barrier-coating process for films of PET, OPP, LDPE, or biaxially oriented nylon (see PT, Dec.
Basically, QLF is a mathematical model that correlates the quality loss in money value to the deviation from the target specification.
An early entrant into the glass-coated films arena with its QLF [R] (quartz-like films) line, Airco Coating Technology continues to actively pursue the technology and its commercialization.
When it comes to the trade-off between cost and quality, QLF gives engineers a cost-justified methodology for setting the functional tolerances that customers desire and for identifying how much money engineers can spend to reduce variation in a product or process.
The QLF is managed by Qualcomm Ventures, Qualcomm's investment arm, and its charter is to focus on investing in venture-backed digital/wireless health start-ups, including the areas of wellness and fitness, chronic disease care, remote diagnosis and monitoring, healing and aging in place, health informatics and tangential spaces.
An outstanding feature of the QLF is not only the diversity of nationalities represented, but also the exceptional calibre of attendees.
Mouser customers can now also take advantage of Rosenberger's line of 50-ohm and 75-ohm inter-mateable BNC connectors and QMA connectors with QLF interface.