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Abbreviations: CHD = coronary heart disease, CRA = Caregiver Reaction Assessment, PHQ-15 = Patient Health Questionnaire-15, QLI = Quality of Life Index, QOL = quality of life, SF-12 = 12-Item Short Form Health Survey, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
In these patients, QLI is better and similar to that of the healthy controls (Alavi, Aliakbarzadeh, & Sharifi, 2009; Liem, Bosch, Arends, Heijenbrok-Kal, & Hunink, 2007; Sayin, Mutluay, & Sindel, 2007).
108) The court also found that despite the district court's finding of fact that Hamas was responsible for Boim's murder, the jury nevertheless found QLI liable on the question of material support to Hamas.
IRAP] [positive [negative score word] word] QLI total score .
Additionally, because of the reversal of the summary judgment against three of the defendants, the verdict against the fourth defendant, QLI, was also necessarily vacated as the district court had erred in deeming that QLI was bound by the finding of summary judgment against the others.
To explore associations between quality of life and changes of insurance provider, the scores on the QLI and CES-D of persons who reported a change of insurance providers and those who did not have a change in provider from T1 to T2 were compared.
QLI has been reported to measure satisfaction with, and perceived importance of, various domains of life.
The QLI (Quality of Life Index) came to replace the GNP as the primary measure of national performance.
This decision has been appealed by QLI, together with its Romanian legal counsel.
The QLI is composed of questions regarding aspects of life in four dimensions: professional, health, social, and affective.
Thirty-two items make up the core version of the QLI and assess health care, physical health and functioning, occupation, education, leisure, the future, peace of mind, personal faith, life goals, personal appearance, self-acceptance, general happiness, and general satisfaction.