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QLIQuality of Life Index
QLIQuery Language Interpreter
QLIQueenco Leisure International Ltd. (Israel)
QLIQuick Look In
QLIQuantum Leap Improvement (QLI International; Greer, SC)
QLIQuad Link Interface
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IRAP] [positive [negative score word] word] QLI total score .
The experience that the management teams have across the portfolio is extensive, enabling QLI to face the challenges of the current climate and position us for long term future growth.
Ferrans and Powers (1985) reported that the content validity of the QLI was derived from the subjective judgment that the items were representative of the content area.
the issued and outstanding share capital of QLI not held by the Offeror
The fundamental difference between QLI approach and the purely software solutions offered by such firms as IBM, McAfee Associates and Symantec, is the ability to find, in real-time, all currently known viruses as well as immunizing against future viral attacks.
capital of QLI, would receive YZ shares representing 1.
With already over one million customers per annum, many people are already taking advantage of QLI's entertainment centers, and I am convinced that QLI has a great potential to further expand its client base.
a 50%-owned subsidiary of QLI ("Vasanta"), informed QLI that it has received from CAIH an irrevocable offer (the "Offer") to enter into an agreement pursuant to which CAIH will have a call option (the "Call Option") to purchase from Powerbrook Spain S.
Offer, QLI will become a privately held subsidiary of YZ and its wholly
3 million as at 30 September 2008 Operating Highlights - Global economic environment impacting gaming revenues worldwide - Despite market conditions, Loutraki continues to attract increased visits - Focus on long term customer loyalty through continued investment in marketing activities - Appointment of Uri Ben-Ari as Chief Executive Officer in September 2008 and Neomi Enoch as Chief Financial Officer in November 2008 - Reviewing the current pipeline of investment projects in the context of the current market environment Uri Ben-Ari, Chief Executive Officer of QLI, commented,
Scores on the SUPPH and QLI increased at 6 months, indicating improved self-care self-efficacy and quality of life over the time period.
Yigal Zilkha, Chairman of QLI, commented on the Company's status: