QLRQueen's Lancashire Regiment (UK military)
QLRQuick Lock Release (oceanic weight pockets; scuba accessory)
QLRQuality of Life Research (journal; International Society for Quality of Life)
QLRQuinnipiac Law Review (Hamden, CT)
QLRQuantitative Location Reconciliation
QLRQuery/Layout/Report Manager (software)
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Only variables with high QLRs should be interpreted for any particular plane.
The periscope's QLR mode allows a fast, programmable 360 degree panoramic view.
The court heard how Peebles was battle group internment review officer (BGIRO) for the QLR in Basra in September 2003 when the alleged abuse took place.
It was alleged that some QLR men abused the Iraqis, keeping them hooded, cuffed, deprived of sleep and beating them for failing to hold stress positions over a 36-hour period ( pre-interrogation 'conditioning' which is banned under international law.
Fellow officers willingly speak of his exemplary leadership of the QLR during its extremely difficult tour to win "hearts and minds" in Basra following the Coalition Forces' invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Lerner, Using Our Brains: What Cognitive Science and Social Psychology Teach Us About Teaching Law Students to Make Ethical, Professionally Responsible, Choices, 23 QLR 643 (2004).
He was one of nine men arrested by QLR soldiers at a Basra hotel last September, but later died allegedly from horrific injuries while being held.
Mirror publishers Trinity Mirror, which owns the Chronicle, said in a statement: "The Daily Mirror apologises unreservedly for publishing the pictures and deeply regrets the reputational damage done to the QLR and the Army in Iraq.
Mr Morgan has come under fire for publishing pictures said to show soldiers from the QLR torturing and abusing Iraqi detainees.
A QLR source now in Cyprus said: 'I hope for these thugs' sake that the military police get to them before we do.
Inquiries are continuing and it is not yet known if any soldiers from the regiment, known as the QLR, will face a court martial.
The new shocking pictures came with comments from the Catterick-based QLR.