QM7Quail Muscle Myoblast Cell
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Regular QM7 (rQM7) and SH3RF2 KO QM7#4 cells had a similar morphology in the undifferentiated state (Figure 4A).
A) T7E1 assay for the targeted sites in quail SH3RF2 in knockout (KO) QM7 cells.
KO, knockout; QM7, quail myoblast; rQM7, regular QM7.
A) String interaction analysis of the SH3RF2 gene in undifferentiated QM7 cells.
In the undifferentiated state, the expression of paired box 7 (Pax7), a critical marker of undifferentiated myoblasts, in regular QM7 (rQM7) and MyoD KO QM7#4 cells was compared by qRT-PCR but no significant differences were apparent between them (Figure 3A).
Global gene expression analysis by RNA sequencing in QM7 MyoD KO cells
Genotyping analysis of MyoD gene knockout QM7 cells.
However, cumate-GFP QM7 cells exhibited low expression of the GFP transgene in the absence of cumate, indicating that control of transgene expression using the cumate-inducible promoter differs among different types of avian cells (Figure 1).
Controlled Inducible transgene expression In chicken DF1 and quail QM7 cells.
Flow cytometry determination of the percentages of GFP-positive cells after cumate induction in cumate-GFP DF1 (A) and cumate-GFP QM7 (B) cells.