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QNBQatar National Bank
QNBQuinuclidinyl Benzilate
QNBQuakertown National Bank (Quakertown, PA)
QNBQuick Network Block (Actisense)
QNBQuartz-Normative Basalt (Apollo 15 moon rocks)
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Customers visiting the QNB booth could find out more about QNB's cardless services available for QNB customers to access cash without using their cards.
Such has been the success of the initial phase of The Credit Skills Development Programme, that QNB has already confirmed that it will be undertaking a second series for selected employees later in the year.
The joint agreement is part of QNB's Business Banking Program also known as "BB", which is an innovative platform complete with detailed business oriented solutions offered by QNB.
Ali Ahmed Al Kuwari, executive general manager and chief business officer at QNB, reportedly told CNBC Arabiya in an interview that the board of directors has agreed to the broader plans put forward to finalise the IPO next May, after obtaining the required approvals from the Central Bank of Syria.
The campaign runs through the entire month of October 2014 and is open for all QNB First customers with valid QNB Life Rewards MasterCard World Credit Card who will spend a minimum of QR1,500 during October.
As Chief Financial Officer of QNB Bank, McCracken will be responsible for the daily operations of the finance department including regulatory and management, investment and asset/liability management, treasury function, and internal controls.
This International best practice programme specializing in modern leadership theories and techniques will both help develop leadership skills within the framework of a long-term Talent Management Strategy and assist QNB with its matrixed leadership needs now extending across 26 countries of operations and 3 Continents.
QNB convened its first ever gathering of human resource professionals at a special conference in Doha.
The QNB campaign will be open to all customers who use internet banking for International Fund Transfers during the campaign s running time.
Nevertheless, QNB remains our preferred Qatari bank from a fundamental perspective.
QNB has acquired an additional 11% stake in Togo-based Ecobank Transnational for $283mn (QR1.
QNB Commodity Fund invests in a wide range of commodities, including precious metals, industrial metals, agricultural products and energy-related resources such as oil and gas.