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QNSQuantity Not Sufficient
QNSQueens County (New York)
QNSQuebec Neuroblastoma Screening (Quebec, Canada)
QNSQoS Network Server
QNSQuebec Nutrition Survey (Quebec, Canada)
QNSQuantified Neurologic Scale
QNSQualité Non Surveillée (French: Quality Not Monitored)
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The Changing of the Avant-Garde: Visionary Architectural Drawings from the Howard Gilman Collection, MoMA QNS, 24 October 2002 - 6 January 2003, www.
We're trying to build that relationship and get people to walk through the doors of MoMA QNS.
As the quality process matures, the lab can move from measuring the outcome metrics (ED TAT) to focusing on the leading indicators that drive the TAT (for example, non-barcoded tubes, QNS samples).
This includes analytics for turnaround time, physician utilization, staffing workload, auto-validation percentages and quality measures, such as tracking rates of blood culture contamination, hemolysis, QNS and cancellations.
The CFF requires laboratories to maintain an annual QNS rate of 5% or less for children older than 3 months and an annual QNS rate of 10% or less for neonates and infants 3 months or younger.
Botulinum toxin Botulinum toxin detected in detected directly pretreatment serum from stool 1 + - 2 QNS - 3 + + 4 + QNS Patient no.
1880; Frederici 1869 Nether Alderley T m Py/H Helm 1968: 42-51 (15) (50-51) Rode Heath F Py/d Frederici 1869 Rushton T So/song Rathbone 1953: 21 Sandbach NT So/song Evans 1851 Tarporely (16) T m So/song Blair 1938 Tattenhall T m So/song Broadwood and Fuller Maitland 1893: 30-31; Burne 1938 Utkinton T py/J Helm 1968: 32-34 Willington T So/song Cawte MSS QNS 59-60 Wirral (north) T So/song Anon.
Patient Patient RF, (a) Sample sex age, years kIU/L 1 (b) F 50 <20 2 F 20 <20 3 (b) F 50 <20 4 F 70 34 5 F 86 <20 6 F 72 <20 7 M 17 <20 8 F 91 <20 9 F 75 <20 10 F 63 78 11 F 74 <20 12 F 21 <20 13 F 30 <20 14 M 52 <20 15 F 86 QNS (c) Ferritin, [micro]g/L Without HBT With HBT Sample Roche Olympus Roche Olympus 1 (b) 3.
The lifelong relationship between Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso is examined in a new exhibition at MoMA QNS, its only U.
Whether it was by chance or design that "Matisse Picasso" at MOMA QNS was scheduled to coincide with "Manet/Velazquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting" at the Metropolitan,(1) we must be grateful.
In the interim, the Museum has opened this installation in Queens -- MoMA QNS (pronounced Q-N-S) -- in a staples factory converted to a comparatively small temporary gallery and permanent storage depot.
Gardena-based QNS provides training, consulting and support for independent travel contractors and outside sales agents.