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QODQuestion of the Day
QODEvery Other Day
QODQuestions on Doctrine (book; Seventh-Day Adventist Church)
QODQuality of Data
QODQuality Of Design
QODQuitte Ou Double (French: Double Down)
QODQuote of the Day (also seen as QOTD)
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While the latest QOD rankings show positive effects of policy interventions and public engagement in some countries, more remains to be done for palliative care implementation globally.
The QOD study pointed out that "shifting from strictly curative health interventions to more holistic management of pain and symptoms can reduce the burden on healthcare systems and limit use of costly but futile treatments.
While the SDV Staging Processor can be used on a standalone basis to improve video quality, when used together with the QOD Gateway, it represents the industry's first end-to-end VBR/StatMux solution for SDV, enabling up to 50 percent more streams per QAM at digital broadcast quality.
The QOD Gateway([TM])(Quality On Demand Gateway) system supercharges VOD expansion with much greater streaming capacity (up to 50 percent more streams per QAM channel) and enhanced video quality.
without Imagine's QOD Gateway statistical multiplexing device), instead of current clamping devices that significantly degrade the incoming digital broadcast signals.
The modular addition of Imagine's QOD Gateway, at the network edge, brings these benefits to SDV, enabling end-to-end VBR and up to 15 SDV signals statistically multiplexed in a 256 QAM channel, while maintaining the video quality of the incoming VBR digital broadcast signals.
With the QOD Gateway, up to 15 Variable Bit Rate (VBR) VOD streams can share the same 256 QAM channel with equivalent quality relative to today's maximum of 10 Constant Bit Rate (CBR) VOD streams.
The QOD Gateway system is initially optimized for VOD applications, and future software releases will apply Imagine's core technology to real-time media processing applications including SDV, IPTV, targeted ad insertion, network PVR (nPVR), personalized audio and more, while adding various new features personalized to the individual subscriber.
Imagine's QOD Gateway introduces breakthrough, third-generation statistical multiplexing technology that dramatically improves bandwidth efficiency and video quality, and ushers in revenue-rich PersonalizedTV programming for operators.
The QOD Gateway system is the underlying infrastructure of Imagine's breakthrough technology, designed to cost-effectively enable tremendous bandwidth improvements, enhanced video quality, and customized service offerings such as targeted ads and personalized audio.
The company's initial product, the QOD Gateway, focuses on the MPEG-2 VOD cable market and ushers in a totally different, revolutionary way of using standardized tools in the area of video coding and multiplexing to ensure the best video quality at the lowest bit rate.
The A1 Qods (the Arab word for Jerusalem) Force is the weapon the Pasdaran use to operate outside Iran--and it is a lethal weapon indeed.