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Ferrante and her coinvestigators hypothesized that QOL would be a predictor of weight loss and that weight loss, in turn, would have a positive impact on QOL.
However they mentioned non usage of intraoperative ultrasonography on the resection control group as an indicator of worsening QOL (p=0.
Although weight loss is known to improve functional status and QOL, few studies have examined these issues in African American breast cancer survivors, who may have more comorbidities and a greater risk for obesity compared with the general population, said Dr.
The participant mothers thus reported a medium quality of life on the WHO QOL rating on a scale of 0 100.
Characteristics such as functional capacity, pain, general health, vitality, social and emotional aspects and mental health can be evaluated by instruments that measure QOL (3,4).
SWS surveyed the QOL trend three times in the Marcos years (1983-85), 13 times in the Cory Aquino years (1986-92), 26 times in the Ramos years (1992-98), 12 times in the Estrada years (1992-00), 42 times in the Arroyo years (2001-10), 24 times in the P-Noy years (2010-16), and twice so far during President Rodrigo Duterte's young administration.
This was a drastic increase from the 20 disease severity scales and 14 QOL indices identified in a previous systematic review of 382 RCTs of AD therapies conducted between 1985 and 2010, they noted.
The WHOQOL-BREF score demonstrated good discriminated validity, content validity, and test retest reliability, and the questionnaire is considered to be a valid and reliable measure for assessing QOL profile in different population.
Although QOL among persons with MS has received increased research attention in the past 15 years, the experience of older adults with MS has been essentially overlooked in this research.
QOL was assessed using the Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI).
As per the QOL scoring, in the Global Health Scale (GHS) the four items of symptom scale that is fatigue (p=0.