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Studies that require persons with spinal cord injury to report their QOL globally or their satisfaction with various domains of life have, however, become common only during the last 10 years.
Mapi Research Trust, the leading curator and license distributor of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) has partnered with QOL Tech to be the exclusive distributor for theelectronic versions of Prof.
To understand the effects of TBI on the individual's state, one must examine the destabilizing factors, the effects of destabilization, and efforts to re-establish homeostasis on QOL over time.
The present study was conducted to determine the burden of the disease using syndromic approach in the rural community and to evaluate the impact on QOL.
Clinical experience has shown that QOL is greater than a person's socio-economic status alone; rather it also encompasses one's personal experience and meaning of life and health.
Put another way, it is likely that QOL is determined by a number of interacting allocational and developmental variables.
QOL was assessed using the Spitzer QOL method (SQLI) which has been devised for use in cancer patients as both a self administered and a rater assessed five item categorical questionnaire summed in the Likert format to provide score ranges of 0 to 10 without subscales (Fisher 1998).
Emerging research suggests that high levels of QOL are generally reported by survivors of childhood cancer.
Number of shocks received: patients who receive more than five shocks in the first year after implant experience poorer mental and, sometimes, physical QOL.
The OSCAR and the current MDS systems do not address resident QOL in depth or breadth.
One of the most widely accepted approaches to measuring QOL was developed and presented by Ware (1987, 1990; Ware and Sherbourne 1993).
That is, people who had the highest topophilia ratings (who, for example, most highly valued flowers or color as important for achieving a restorative effect) tended to have the highest QOL scores.