QOLSQuality of Life Scale (John Flanagan)
QOLSQuantum Optics and Laser Science
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In QOLS the scores range is between 16 and 112 (average for healthy population is 90).
Regarding the results of QOLS, mean scores before the stent was used were relative similar, close to 90, except cases were a carbothane stent was used (majority with cancer), in which cases the quality of life is profoundly affected due to disease itself.
However, other measures such as the PANSS, QOLS, and WHO-DAS scale require clinician judgment, so the possibility that the scores were biased in favor of the case management treatment cannot be definitively excluded.
Results of concurrent validity analyses demonstrated that the CRIS was moderately to strongly associated with QOLS and SF-36V measuring social, emotional, and physical functioning and weakly associated with number of ADL difficulties.
Following the SCID, participants in both studies were administered the PANSS and QOLS interviews, MSEI, MAQ and BHS.
In the second phase of the analyses MANOVA and follow-up ANOVA were conducted comparing the PANSS total and the two QOLS scores.
Next, a MANOVA comparing groups on total symptoms and two QOLS subscales revealed a significant overall group effect (Wilks Lambda F(3,12) = 1.
During this session participants also completed the Demographic Questionnaire, LSI-Z, GLSS, and QOLS.
In order to answer question 1 descriptive statistics were used to analyze the QOLS data to obtain frequencies and central tendency parameters for the sample's perceived quality of life.