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QPCQuantum Point Contact
QPCQuarter Pounder with cheese (McDonalds sandwich burger)
QPCQuasi Propulsive Coefficient
QPCQueen Pump Company
QPCQuasi-periodic Photonic Crystal
QPCQuality and Process Control
QPCQuality Performance Consultant
QPCQuantity Per Component
QPCQuantity per Carton (product packing)
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A musical programme was also organised for journalists by the QPC where they enjoyed every moment of it with their families.
The post Interactive Intelligence names QPC as Gold Partner appeared first on Reseller Middle East.
In late 1974, as QPC was taken over by the state (QPPA, later called QGPC and then QP), the producing zones of Khatiya, Fahaheel and Juleiha together had a capacity of over 250,000 b/d.
Members of BUJ and QPC marched on Qandahari Bazar, Bacha Khan Chowk and other roads of Quetta to mourn the murder of the three colleagues.
Cafodd Porth Gwybodaeth unigryw a elwir yn 'MIG' (Management Information Gateway) ei ddatblygu gan QPC i roi dealltwriaeth ddofn am brofiadau cwsmeriaid a galluogi'r systemau lu o fewn sefydliad i weithio gyda'i gilydd yn fwy effeithiol.
The QPC Mileage Calculator streamlines the quote process and greatly increases accuracy, according to Bhat.
Cardiff headquartered Gambit Corporate Finance acted as lead adviser to QPC on the deal - having spoken to a number of other potential private equity and venture capital investors.
The QPC APP provides assistance to QPC's new 401(k) plan sponsor clients who become subject to an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Department of Labor (DoL) audit for any year they are a QPC client.
PARIS: A new and important acronym has entered the French political lexicon: QPC, which stands for the rather austere-sounding "Priority preliminary ruling on the question of constitutionality.
QPC, a leading customer service solutions provider, has partnered with the Call Centre Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) to provide CIAC certification training and testing for contact centre professionals in region.
Another of Cambrionix's customers, QPC Svenska based in Goteborg, Sweden has successfully used the hub to copy USB sticks both at their offices and also at events.
Phil Smith, chief executive and founder of Modl-based QPC Group, said: "The event has given me a great opportunity to hear from Vincent Kane and meet others who share my enthusiasm for innovation.