QPSCQualified Personal Service Corporation (company designation)
QPSCQuark Publishing System Classic Edition
QPSCQuality in Pediatric Subspecialty Care
QPSCQueens Park Soccer Club (Australia)
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1502-2(a), the affiliated group should be treated as a consolidated unitary entity in which a single member's QPSC income would not taint the consolidated entity's taxable income, therefore allowing the graduated rates to be applied to the entire affiliated group's income.
1502-2(a) does not permit the IRS to "break up" an affiliated group's consolidated taxable income into QPSC and non-QPSC income.
Quantros offers QPSC members extensive data analysis and safety improvement consulting services that can bring you even closer to achieving your patient safety goals.
465)), (2) realigning a business to meet QPSC standards or (3) building up receivables in the year prior to the year of change to take advantage of the four-year spread.
A very high percentage of service businesses are QPSCs.
By seamlessly integrating with QPSC and other PSOs, Quantros SRM[TM] streamlines the data collection and submission process.
As both a QPSC member and SRM client, Bon Secours will leverage additional benefits from the Quantros community, including collaboration with Quantros domain experts and access to aggregate, de-identified comparative data from more than 800 facilities that also use the Quantros SRM incident reporting system.