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QQQNASDAQ 100 Trust (ticker)
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PowerShares QQQ, formerly known as "QQQ" or the "NASDAQ- 100 Index Tracking Stock," is an exchange-traded fund based on the NASDAQ-100 Index.
A related ETF that tracks the S&P Mid-Cap 400 Index was chosen as a comparison index to the QQQ.
QQQ is the most popular and liquid choice in the large cap growth space with AUM of $45.
Island Pacific), and QQQ Systems, both 100% owned subsidiaries of 3Q Holdings Limited (ASX: TQH) announced today that Ed Hardy Australia has recently selected Island Pacific Planning along with the QQQ Systems retail software solution for installation throughout the company's Australian and United Kingdom stores.
In an interesting turn of events we find the PowerShares QQQ Trust topping today's put skew scan.
Where sample size is limited, quantitative nanospray on the QQQ in particular will offer special opportunities, providing substantial savings to customers in sample preparation alone," said Agilent's Fred Strohmeier, vice president and general manager, Liquid Phase Separations Division.
Currently a title sponsor of the PowerShares QQQ Champions Challenge tournament on October 22nd at the United Center in Chicago, PowerShares QQQ(TM) will become the umbrella sponsor of the entire series starting in 2012.
Mylan's common shares will also be included in NASDAQ's PowerShares QQQ.
UltraShort QQQ ProShares options will open with strike prices of 30 - 40 (1 pt increments) and position limits of 25,000,000 shares.
The new ETFs include: Short QQQ ProShares (Amex: PSQ), Short S&P500 ProShares (Amex: SH), Short Midcap400 ProShares (Amex: MYY) and Short Dow30 ProShares (Amex: DOG), Ultra QQQ ProShares (Amex: QLD), Ultra S&P500 ProShares (Amex: SSO), Ultra MidCap400 Proshares (Amex: MVV), and the Ultra Dow30 ProShares (Amex: DDM), all of which begin trading today on the American Stock Exchange.
The PowerShares QQQ was launched in March 1999 and represents ownership in the PowerShares QQQ Trust.
and MyStockFund Securities have a service that allows investors to buy the exchange-traded fund, QQQ.