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QRNGQuinolone-Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
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A very useful addition to this experiment, suggested by Henry Stapp, is to include a lab assistant, Charlie, to the QRNG room.
Our aim was to probe the existence of this effect at the level of the quantum signal obtained from our QRNG.
The increases were most pronounced in isolates collected from men in the western United States and from MSM, the region and population in which QRNG first emerged (8).
We examined several hypotheses to explain the increased prevalence of QRNG during 2002-2007, with the objective of identifying principles that may be informative for predicting and preventing the spread of resistance to cephalosporins or other drug classes.
Given the current prevalence of QRNG in South Africa's major cities, it is clear that ciprofloxacin can no longer be relied upon to cure gonococcal infections.
Preliminary data from the first half of 2006 indicate that the QRNG prevalence was 38.
The prevalence of QRNG in women is increasing but is generally lower than in men who have sex with men [MSM]," Dr.
But when data from GISP indicated that the occurrence of QRNG among MSM had increased from 1.
Sporadic reports of QRNG in the United States at that time were usually associated with travel to Asia.
Joe Luong, CEO, Crypta Labs says, "I'm so pleased that we are able to publish this Case Study into our innovative work on quantum random number generation - we are the only company, which we know of, commercialising a QRNG on a mobile device and the CDE funding we received allowed us to work on this breakthrough research.
This report describes increases in QRNG among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Massachusetts, New York City, and 30 sites surveyed by the Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project (GISP) during 2003.