QRSCQuantum Reverse Shannon Conjecture
QRSCQualified Rate Stabilization Charge
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We expect to extend this collaboration into a successful partnership between HMC and QRSC, for the benefit of surgical practice and patients in Qatar.
The collaboration between HMC and QRSC has been instrumental to achieve it.
The act and QRO provide for a QRSC adjustment mechanism (true-up) to keep principal amortization in line with expected balances and to fund other amounts required by the transaction.
However, the state pledges not to limit, alter, impair or revoke the QRSCs until the RSBs are paid in full.
Dr Abdulla al-Ansari, clinical director, QRSC, said: "QRSC's research and training activities are aimed at identifying and addressing unmet clinical needs, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of healthcare in Qatar.
Along with HMC, a chief collaborator in most research at QRSC, the American University of Beirut, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Cleveland Clinic, and Mimic Technologies have also partnered with QRSC on the project.
QRSC has previously been awarded two other research projects.
Additionally, QRSC is working with Imperial College London and Aspetar to develop simulation, navigation, and robotics technological solutions in orthopaedics related to injuries of athletes.
QRSC follows a collaborative approach in research and development," said Dr al-Ansari, adding: "We believe that by collaborating with national and international partners across academia, clinical practice and industry, QRSC will be able to deliver results of the highest quality while also promoting Qatar's work in the field both domestically and internationally.
The seven members of the panel, all top surgeons and professors, are engaged in long-term collaborations with QRSC.
In QRSC, we are conducting one-to-one training sessions on simulation and we have seen this form of training has accelerated the knowledge of the trainees as well as helped improve quality of doctors and thus boosting healthcare system," Dr al-Ansari said.