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QRTQuick Response Team
QRTQuality Report Tool (Cisco)
QRTquick reaction team (US DoD)
QRTQuick Response Training
QRTStop Transmitting (used in CW communications)
QRTQuick Reaction Test (US DoD)
QRTQuick Ray Trace
QRTQualimetrics Relay/Telemetry
QRTQuick Reaction Task
QRTQuick Real-Time
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Tabular is an Excel/Word-based Solvency II narrative and QRT XBRL reporting tool, which has been integrated into Microsoft Office.
This innovative partnership and subsequent integration provides a full end-to-end solution, covering all steps of the process from the sourcing of raw data to populating QRTs for Solvency II reporting.
The terrorists had done their homework, as they knew where the QRTs would approach the camp in case of an attack, and a terrorist was kept ready.
Following the death of the grantor the QRT becomes a taxable en lit) and must report its income on a fiduciary income tax return rather than the decedent's individual income tax return, and must report its income using a calendar year-end.
When the decedent has both a QRT and a probate estate, the Sec.
Florida SouthWestern State College is the State Fiscal Agent for QRT grants in Southwest Florida.
The QRT with the help of local task forces will start evacuating peoples to safe shelters or open areas.
The preamble to the final regulations also clarifies that a trust qualifies as a QRT if the grantor's power to revoke the trust lapses prior to the grantor's death as a result of the grantor's incapacity.
645(b)(1) defines a QRT as any trust, a portion or all of which was treated under Sec.
But three months down the line the QRTs are facing an unusual problem.
The fire was brought under control after two hours of valiant efforts by the QRT, which was led by a Colonel.
The QRT data requirements are extensive, spanning enterprise, portfolio and reference data typically housed on a multitude of systems within both the insurers and their suppliers' organisations.