QRT-PCRQuantitative Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction
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To determine whether environmental estrogens are also able to antagonize glucocorticoid-induced gene expression, we used QRT-PCR to quantify GILZ mRNA in Ishikawa cells after stimulation with Dex, [E.
On direct comparison of labeled primer PCR to QRT-PCR, using titrated BKV plasmid DNA, both assays demonstrated a high degree of quantitative concordance ([R.
To further characterize the 3' extension of the deletion, genomic DNA QRT-PCR was performed on eight fragments up to 400 kb downstream of the deleted area using exon 5 of the APC gene as a reference for normalization (Fig.
To develop a context-specific prognostic assay that addresses which women diagnosed with axillary node-negative and estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer require more than 5 years of tamoxifen therapy, National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP) investigators have collaborated with scientists at Genomic Health, Inc, the developers of methods for high-throughput QRT-PCR with RNA extracted from FPETs.
QRT-PCR analysis showed that treatment with antagonistic PCBs reduced the expression of genes encoding key metabolic enzymes in human cells, confirming the results of the activation assays and Northern blots.
28) transcripts, analyses were performed by QRT-PCR with an SDS 7700 instrument, as previously described (5).
We conducted an extensive literature and public database survey to identify any potential markers relevant to CRC, followed by 2 phases of screening with QRT-PCR.
This was prompted by the current observation of reversed +10 (-T) and +40[right arrow]43 expression results by QRT-PCR compared with the original results obtained with competitive RT-PCR (6).
QRT-PCR analysis on the GeneXpert was performed to emulate the manual, single-tube, two-step protocol as published previously (10, 11).
For QRT-PCR, sources of variability include the accuracy of RNA quantification, methods and efficiency of reverse transcription, purity of the labeled reporter probe, and accuracy of the assembly of the PCR protocol.
All isolated RNA was treated with DNase and was either stored at -70[degrees]C or processed immediately for QRT-PCR.
QRT-PCR assays fulfill many requirements for clinical applications, although they should be multiplexed for analysis of multiple targets (14).