QRTAQuick Response Training and Adjustment
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An initiative of Her Majesty, QRTA is an independent non-profit organization committed to empowering educators with the skills, recognition, and support necessary to excel in their classrooms.
In the presence of Minister of Education HE Mohammad Thuneibat, Queen Rania also met with CEO of QRTA Mr.
Since its launch in 2009 under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah and in partnership with Columbia University's Teachers College (TC), Columbia University Middle East Research Center (CUMERC), and the Jordanian Ministry of Education, QRTA has worked to develop training programs for teachers to meet contemporary educational needs in Jordan and the Arab world.
QRTA is an independent organization working to boost Her Majesty's vision of improving education in Jordan, and stimulating educational advancement across the Middle East.
QRTA officially launched in June 2009 to work on specialized professional development trainings that address teachers' needs specifically in Jordan, and in the Arab world, in partnership with MOE.
Queen Rania met with QRTA CEO Haif Banayyan, who explained that the training is offered to new teachers with three or less years of experience and aims to develop their skills in seven different fields.
The teachers also spoke about the challenges they face as new instructors and how QRTA and ministry programs have helped them overcome these difficulties.
Banayan added that QRTA designs their training courses in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and are based on the Ministry's needs.
Since 2009, QRTA held 65 short-term training courses that target pedagogy and content instruction.
QRTA CEO Haif Bannayan also spoke during the event and said that this forum, which brings together a remarkable host of teachers and educators, aims to promote experience and knowledge exchange between peers to empower teachers, and to expose them to rich educational knowledge they can use inside and outside of their classrooms.
He also added that "since the launch of QRTA 5 years ago in collaboration with Teachers College at Columbia University, over 20,000 teachers from all over the Kingdom have partaken in QRTA's myriad of programs that helped build their capacities in areas specializing in science, math, English and Arabic literacy, as well as education pedagogies.
Banayan said that QRTA was able to provide teachers with a diverse set of high quality training courses, and has managed to build a number of partnerships with other international organizations that work in the education field in Jordan.