QRTAQuick Response Training and Adjustment
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Since 2009, QRTA held 65 short-term training courses that target pedagogy and content instruction.
He also added that "since the launch of QRTA 5 years ago in collaboration with Teachers College at Columbia University, over 20,000 teachers from all over the Kingdom have partaken in QRTA's myriad of programs that helped build their capacities in areas specializing in science, math, English and Arabic literacy, as well as education pedagogies.
Banayan said that QRTA was able to provide teachers with a diverse set of high quality training courses, and has managed to build a number of partnerships with other international organizations that work in the education field in Jordan.
Banayan also explained that QRTA is currently preparing to hold its first regional conference titled "Teacher Skills Forum".
Director of QRTA, Haif Banayan highlighted the importance of the partnership in how it will enable the academy to empower teachers in Jordan and improve the quality of basic education in the country.
QRTA will also establish "Model Community Schools" and "Community-Parent School Coalitions" in order to increase the involvement of community members and parents in the education process.
This month, QRTA is training a total number of 400 teachers.
Haif Bannayan, CEO of QRTA talked about the conference's outcomes including a suggestion to adopt a national assessment system that aims to improve schools' performance and educational policies.
The meeting was also attended by QRTA CEO Haif Banayan and School Principal Abla Al Rabab'a, and moderated by Eman Al-Eiteiwi from QRTA.
The book, which was translated into Arabic by QRTA, offers effective teaching techniques for teachers, especially those in their first few years of their teaching careers.
The training session is conducted by QRTA staff and trainers from the Teacher's College.
QRTA, which works in collaboration with the Teachers College at Columbia University and the Ministry of Education, has to date provided training for over 1,500 teachers, principals and educators.