QRVIQuality Restaurant Ventures Inc.
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Our focus groups indicated both the name WING WAY and its logo image were distinct, easily identified our lead menu items, and offered numerous ways to diversify our menu selections," reported QRVI President Dan Patterson.
We expect this location could be a volume leader from the time it opens," projected QRVI COO Dan Patterson.
QRVI currently has investments in over 60 franchised restaurants.
The editors state: "We like the direction QRVI is taking, the market growth, and the reasonably rapid increase in new franchised locations.
Restaurant businesses interested in affiliating with QRVI should register at http://www.
The timing is right to augment the QRVI network," affirmed Dan Patterson, QRVI COO.
An expanded section on the QRVI website addressing the advantages of being a QRVI affiliate.
Significant increases in system-wide sales continue to enable QRVI to enhance its operational efficiency, and ultimately the company's profitability.
QRVI recently announced that it had begun a broad-based investor relations program aimed at clarifying the company's true value to its stockholders and the financial marketplace.
QRVI now provides marketing, purchasing, real estate and infra-structure services for over 70 franchisee affiliates.
In a prepared statement, Christopher Swartz, QRVI CEO, said: "Our management team compared Quality Restaurant's exponential growth during 2004 to our current market value and decided to make small adjustments, which we believe will yield positive results.
Recently QRVI initiated changes in management and operational structure to streamline the decision-making process and decrease duplicate expenditures in its affiliates.