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QSLQualified Source List
QSLQuality Standards List
QSLAcknowledge Receipt (Ham radio)
QSLQualified Suppliers List
QSLQuality Status Listing (water quality monitoring)
QSLQatar Stars League
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This win also saw Al Arabi jump to third in the QSL standings.
Commenting at a press conference ahead of the big match on Monday, Hassan al Kuwari, Head of Events and Hospitality, QSL said:"We request the supporters to be here early.
Melissa was instrumental in QSL being awarded the first "Re:Think" certification for printers in Lane County in recognition of its eco-friendly practices.
That was until they got a bill for PS795 plus VAT from QSL because they'd forgotten to cancel the deal at the end of the trial period.
Lee and his fellow researchers didn't carry out their work with IT advancements in mind, but while studying how a QSL works, they saw a phenomenon called "long-range entanglement" that may brighten the prospects for new types of storage, computing or networking.
If QSL data is available, match up your materiel's contract and lot/batch numbers with the QSL listing, and check to see if the materiel with your lot/batch has already been tested and passed.
After due consideration, Kenny Huang and QSL Sports is (sic) withdrawing from the ongoing sales process with respect to Liverpool.
The Charity Gala was co-organized by Tsingtao Brewery, QSL Sports as well as the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF).
It is being suggested a deal would see Huang and QSL effectively take over the club's overall debts of pounds 350m - pounds 237m of which is owed to RBS.
Only available to listeners in and around Middlesbrough, QSL included work from Turner Prize winner Martin Creed and local community groups.
When the QSL is used, extension efforts often consist solely of remarking material with the new expiration dates.
However it's notable that in this digital age, there are still enthusiasts that "DX" the AM band and seek written reception verifications known as QSL cards.