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QSMQueued Serial Module
QSMQuad Surface Mount (elecronics)
QSMRepeat Last Telegram (radiotelegraphy)
QSMQueuing Simulation Model
QSMQuality Assurance and Safety of Medicines (WHO)
QSMQuality of Service Monitor
QSMQuality System Manual
QSMQuality Systems Management
QSMQueen's Service Medal (New Zealand)
QSMQuantitative Software Management, Inc (McClean, VA)
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EBLEX organised and ran cookery demonstrations at the event using our QSM beef and lamb for the visitors to try.
It was during this study, conducted by QSM Associates, that the two companies recognized the value that collaboration could bring to customers.
It's all thanks to our friends at QSM Love Pork, who promote quality standard meat.
The QSM e-mail system records, monitors and deals with inquiries from customers, handling the initial stages of any problems.
Products featured include the Vakuex vacuum extruder, Trex rubber extruder, Rotomex gear extruder, QSM pin extruder, Microkur microwave unit, Hotkur hot air unit and machines for the production of profiles and hoses.
Mah, managing partner of QSM Associates, will keynote the OOP 2013 conference in Munich, with new insights on Agile development.
The supermarket previously included the marque on the backs and sides of packs, but has now printed some five million new, larger QSM stickers which will be placed prominently on the front of pork packs.
Chief Fire Officer Frank Sheehan QSM said: 'We would urge head teachers, governors, office managers and site managers to implement the recommendations made in this booklet to reduce the risk to their premises from fire whether caused deliberately or accidentally.
The study, being conducted by software productivity researchers QSM Associates in tandem with the Central Ohio Agile Association (COHAA), bodes well for adopters of Agile software development.
If another country can fulfil all the criteria, it can use the QSM but with its own flag underneath.
She received a QSM in 1998 for her services to the community.
West Midlands Chief Fire Officer, Frank Sheehan QSM, said the brigade would focus more on preventing fires so that lives could be saved.