QSOPQuarter Small Outline Package
QSOPQuad Small Outline Package
QSOPQuadripartite Standing Operating Procedures
QSOPQuarterly Standing Order Plan
QSOPQuality Standard Operating Procedure
QSOPQuarter Size Outline Package
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The triple ISO7131CC and quad ISO7140FCC, ISO7140CC, ISO7141FCC, ISO7141CC and ISO7142CC devices are available in 16-pin, 5- by 6-mm QSOP packages.
The ZL38002 device is now available in a 36-pin QSOP (quarter small outline package) and 48-pin TQFP (thin quad flat package) chip measuring just 7 mm x 7 mm.
CPC5712U is available in a small QSOP 16-Lead package, in both sample and production quantities.
All of these functions are integrated into a small 16 pin QSOP package.
The IA3222 and IA3131 chipset is available 10-pin MSOP and 20-pin QSOP packages respectively.
The devices are housed in standard 24-pin TSSOP, QSOP, and SOIC packaging.
A replacement for popular devices from Macroblock, Toshiba and others, the CAT4016 is available in a wide range of package options including 24-lead SOIC, TSSOP, QSOP and TQFN (4 x 4mm).
Samples are available in 10-pin MSOP package for the line side (IA3222) and 16-pin QSOP package for the modem side (IA3223).
The MAX9500/MAX9501 come in compact 5mm x 6mm, 16-pin QSOP and 16-pin SO packages.
Manufactured in 8-pin SOP and 16-pin QSOP packages, the MIC2582 and MIC2583 offer robust fault protection for circuits operating between 2.
The PI5C3xxxC family is available in 16-pin TSSOP and QSOP packages.