QSPRelay (amateur radio Q code)
QSPQuiet Supersonic Platform
QSPQuality Samples Program
QSPQuality Software Products
QSPQuality System Procedure
QSPQuick Start Package
QSPQuality System Plan
QSPQuality Seafood Programme
QSPQuestionnaire for Sensitive Positions
QSPQuality Satisfaction Performance
QSPQuantum Signal Processing
QSPQuaternary Studies Program
QSPquantitat suficient per
QSPQuality Selling Points
QSPQuality Surveillance Plan (performance measurement)
QSPQuality Schools Project
QSPQuality Standards Program
QSPQualified Support Personnel
QSPQuality Selection Process
QSPQuick Service Pizza (Pizza Patrón)
QSPQualified Sales Professional
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The symposium entitled "Increasing Drug Development Success: Understanding Drug-Disease Interactions through Quantitative Systems Pharmacology" was designed to bring together key global leaders in QSP to explore how to leverage the interfaces of theoretical and experimental pharmacology to improve drug development efficiency.
While a QSP requires a purchase of T stock by a corporation, Sec.
In the case of a series of acquisitions otherwise constituting a QSP, test immediately after the last acquisition in the series; and
A QSP is a payment an NPO receives for a sponsored activity.
The latter is particularly useful in helping managers to identify anomalies and validate the accuracy of the numbers," notes Bill Tomaney, Product Director/North America for QSP.
QSP is aiming the US service at high-tech companies, such as internet-based or biotech organizations, who are looking for fast growth but minimal spend on IT infrastructure and who are more amenable to using high-tech themselves.
To ensure that the mappings used by suppliers were in accordance with the QSP, the company tested each supplier "live" before putting them on the QSP list it published.
The supplier will introduce its second generation QSP (Quiet Super Power) line at the National Hardware Show in August.
The Reflections Program is sponsored by the National PTA, Sears, Roebuck and Company, QSP, Inc.
John Burke, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Applied BioMath, realized that such an industry-academic collaboration and networking opportunity was lacking in the QSP and SB community.
When one corporation (Z) makes a QSP of another corporation (Y), and that acquired corporation then participates in a purported reorganization after the QSP, COI is measured with reference to the buyer.
The QSP program is not aimed at building an operational aircraft, but at providing technologies that could lead to new or improved bombers and fighters, reconnaissance aircraft and supersonic commercial aircraft, according to DARPA.