QSTPQatar Science and Technology Park
QSTPQualified State Tuition Program
QStPQuality Service through Partnership
QSTPQuality, Service, Technology and Price
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Maher Hakim, Executive Director, QSTP, and Alar Kolk, President, EIA.
Through the initiative, QSTP, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, endeavours to foster an innovation ecosystem in Qatar and the region, it said.
Held during Qatar UniversityEe's recent Entrepreneurship in Economic Development Forum at the Sheraton Doha, QSTP innovation experts provided an inside look at programmes designed to boost QatarEe's capacity to develop commercial technologies.
QSTP is this week hosting the 31st International Association
In the QSTP Geocaching challenge, teams will jostle to locate caches stored around Doha and compete to find the final bonus cache on QSTP grounds.
RASAD is the ICT platform developed by QSTP, and it is powered to enable
In the QSTP, Qatar is building a world-class environment for companies to develop their technology, including a business incubator to help technology start-ups.
The QSTP has availability of space and young people at a subsidized cost and we are landing in a place where there is a lot of brainpower around us," Williams told Reuters.
Through its facilities, services and support programmes, QSTP provides an optimal environment for local and global organisations to undertake research and commercialisation that will create a vibrant R&D community which will benefit Qatar's society and economy.
This is a great example of the vibrant collaboration that QSTP is designed to foster.
Some of the activity will be carried out at the state of-the-art QSTP facility in Doha.
In addition, a 6% excise tax applied to excess contributions to an education IRA, under code section 4973 (that is, contributions for the tax year that exceeded the allowed limit--$500--or that were also contributed to a QSTP program for the same beneficiary).