QTAGQuality Test Action Group
QTAGQuesnel Theatre Action Group (Canada)
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qtags text is spam-free and allows people to control their interaction with advertising.
And qtags helps extend the reach of an advertising campaign by offering a more powerful one-to-one marketing approach via a mass media medium.
qtags help people remember things they like -- either advertising messages or other content they see or hear.
The company offers the qtags service to non-profit organizations at no cost.
We're excited to use qtags for promotion of our network brands, artists, producers and venues via PODcasts and webcasts, as well as our Aspire Live network showcases," says Steven C.
Charter Digital Media in New York City is using qtags in advertisements for a number of local clients, including The Moinian Group's Atelier Residential Condos.
StudioIMC is using qtags text to power the mobility aspect of its proprietary vote, trivia and coupon applications.
The name qtags is short for quick-tags because qtags are a way to quickly tag something you want to remember.
Sarah Darlington, vice president of business development for qtags, said the promotion is an ideal use of the qtags technology.
Advertisers are extremely interested in measuring the impact of their media efforts, and qtags makes it possible while offering complete anonymity to the texter, something critical to today's young consumer," she explained.
qtags are currently being used by some of the world's most well known brands, including HP, to offer consumers a unique way to control advertising and to gain more information on the companies and advertisements that interest them.
The qtags Call-to-Action for this Rip Curl campaign is: