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qTDQueue Element Transfer Descriptor (Queue Head in USB 2.0- EHCI Specification)
QTdQ-T Dispersion
QTDQuit to Desktop
QTDQue Te Den (Spainish)
QTDQuadruple Terminal Digits
QTDResult of Rescue or Recovery Operation (radiotelegraphy)
QTDQualifying Time Deposit
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QT, QTc and QTd were all significantly increased in Group II (p=0.
QTd and JTd were defined as the difference between the longest and shortest QT and JT intervals; rate correction was performed with the Bazett's formula.
Coupled with a practical theatre man's understanding that "twelve brains on the stage are better than one" (Luscombe, qtd.
Conclusion: AECG is very useful in screening CAD referred for CAG especially while several parameters including ST-segment deviation AHI HRV and QTd are combined.
Among these currents and questions, Deep Skin focuses on Bishop's investment in the curious question of "depth," a classic dimension of aesthetic experience (think of having one's eye drawn down by Bruegel's steeply pitched hills and snowy roofs to the tiny cavorting ice-skaters "within" the canvas of Hunters in the Snow, for instance) that many a post-Cubist artist simply renounced in the wake of Cubism's radical, compelling call for the artist to attend to the surface of his or her medium as a sensuous tactile reality" in and of itself, and its concomitant call not "to look past that surface as if it were a transparent window through which one saw the representation of an object" (Barr qtd.
The methodology for QTmax, QTc, QTm, QTd, QTII, QTIIc and T wave variables was previously described (4).
The following are the reliability coefficients of the Maslach Burnout Inventory subscales obtained after the Spearman-Brown adjustment following the halving technique (Cam, 1992, 157; Qtd.
As proposed by some authors for example, an increased QTD might be the consequence of an unusual vectorcardiographic projection of the T wave loop [3,4].
Washington: "The physical bond is least and the badge of color relatively unimportant save as a badge: tire real essence of this kinship is its social heritage of slavery; the discrimination and the insult (Du Bois qtd in Walters 276; italics added), and ".
Following Jean Francois Lyotard, the postmodern artist has an "incredulity toward metanarratives" and "expresses an affinity for--rather than an aversion to--forms of disorder" (Lyotard qtd.