QTGQuaker, Tropicana, Gatorade (division of PepsiCo)
QTGQuantitative Trait Gene
QTGQualification Test Guide (Flight Simulation Training Device documentation for qualification by the FAA for use within a Flight Training program)
QTGQuantum Theory of Gravity (physics)
QTGQuarterly Training Guidance
QTGTwo Ten-Second Dashes (radiotelegraphy)
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A success of the study was that a QTG was identified that was associated with rotenone toxicity.
DISCUSSION: The present study of Arthroscopic guided anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using BTB, QHG and QTG grafts was done during the period of April 2012 to May 2013, at Osmania Medical College & Hospital, Afzalgunj, Hyderabad.
Advances in QTL mapping continued into the latter half of the 2000s with the identification of another potential QTG for an alcohol phenotype on mouse chromosome 1.
Chuck is without a doubt the most qualified leader to take QTG to new heights," remarks Compton.
This chromosome region contains a gene called Kcnj9 which may be the QTG underlying this QTL.
haplotype block size) for fine mapping and to the generally small effect size for any single QTG.
position and haplotype of the QTL) with gene expression databases suggests a strong candidate QTG called Scgn5 (also known as 17B2 and Sgnel), which encodes a protein called secretogranin 5 (Malmanger et al.
Compton was named president and chief executive of the company's QTG unit, which includes the Quaker Foods and Tropicana/Gatorade divisions in the United States and Canada.
Shearson, who led the Canadian business unit over the last three years--first as president of QTG Canada and then as president of the merged company, Pepsi-QTG Canada--will go on to lead PepsiCo's combined juices business unit in Chicago.