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QTLQuantitative Trait Loci
QTLQuick Translation (Firefox add-on tool)
QTLQualcomm Technology Licensing
QTLQualified Thrift Lender
QTLQuicktime Link (file extension)
QTLQuality Teaching and Learning (Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning; Raleigh, NC)
QTLTrue Heading (radiotelegraphy)
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With these tools available, the first QTL study mapping a behavioral trait (i.
Reliability of QTL determination depends primarily on the accuracy of measuring the corresponding traits because quantitative traits are largely influenced by environmental factors.
Many genes are predicted to reside within a QTL, and multiple polymorphisms are likely to be located in both coding and regulatory regions.
Qxy]] is the genetic covariance between x and y explained by the QTL, which was estimated by equating the mean cross-products with the expected mean cross-products (SAS Institute 1988), and [[Sigma].
Molex QTL cable assemblies are available in custom lengths (up to 100m) for design flexibility in data and telecommunications applications, including central offices, routers, servers and test equipment.
As part of its transition plan, Qualcomm announced that executive vice president and QTL president Alex Rogers, who has run QTL since March 2016, and is a member of Qualcomms Executive Committee, will report directly to Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf.
However, quantification of dominance effects underlying complex traits is needed due to increasing evidence of the major effects of dominant QTL on human disease and agricultural traits of economic importance [8,9].
Among these QTLs, only three (26%) named qGL8, qLWR5 and qLWR10 stably expressed in both genetic backgrounds, clearly indicating that genetic background had large effects on QTL expression for grain shape.