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qTDQueue Element Transfer Descriptor (Queue Head in USB 2.0- EHCI Specification)
QTdQ-T Dispersion
QTDQuit to Desktop
QTDQue Te Den (Spainish)
QTDQuadruple Terminal Digits
QTDResult of Rescue or Recovery Operation (radiotelegraphy)
QTDQualifying Time Deposit
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The methodology for QTmax, QTc, QTm, QTd, QTII, QTIIc and T wave variables was previously described (4).
A stone has lodged in the engine block, the process of rusting has begun" (Hawkes qtd.
In our study, the Pwd, QT, QTc, QTd and QTcd durations in the ECG recordings of SAH patients were found to be significantly longer when compared with those of the control group.
An increase in QTD is reported to predict the occurrence of life-threatening ventricular tachyarrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in patients with ischemic heart disease (2).
calls the trickster rabbit's "capacity to survive and flourish in a world in which society can be and often is predatory" (Cartwright qtd.
Clw/Es/R1 Alt-P Or Latest For Qtd 105, Qtd 106 For 25 Kv Ac Electric Locomotives Total Sheet- 14 With Minimum 1-No And 1-Nc Timed Contact.
We aimed to examine QTd during hypobaric chamber training to observe the effect of hypobaric hypoxia on QT dispersion.