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QUANGOQuasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization
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I think its time we delivered what was once described as a bonfire of the quangos.
As we report, a study from the New Local Government Network demonstrates that these quangos are dominated by people living in the south east and London.
The bonfire of the quangos was meant to be about cutting bureaucracy and waste.
Holland who gained a reputation as a quango hunter, did much through his questions and pamphlets, such as The Quango Explosion, which was written with Michael Fallon and published by the Conservative Political Centre in August 1978, and Quango Quango Quango, published early the next year by the Adam Smith Institute, to raise quangos as a matter of political concern and to push the issue up the political agenda.
Mr Craig said creating more quangos flies in the face of the Budget cuts ordered by the Executive.
Mr Maude said that, if it proved impossible to reach a conclusion on all remaining quangos in negotiations with departmental ministers, he would chair an informal "star chamber" this month to decide which should go.
But one that has escaped the bonfire of the quangos is the Scottish Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards.
The think-tank carried out a survey of 1,000 quango board members, and compared the population of each local authority to the number of quango leaders who were residents.
Merge the Mersey Partnership with Liverpool Vision (mark 2) - and give the tourismpart of the job back to the council's culture company (yes, just another quango, say some)which already has a tourism department focussed on Liverpool, headed by Keith Blundell.
Taxpayers Alliance boss Matthew Elliott fumed: "The quango state is out of control.
It is believed the First Minister, who vowed 'to end the quango state as we have known it', will admit he has no power to abolish four bodies which he said would have to go.