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QUASARQuasi Stellar (Star-Resembling)
QUASARQuasi-Stellar Radio Source
QUASARQuantitative Understanding: Amplifying Student Achievement and Reasoning (education)
QUASARQuantum Standards and Metrology
QUASARQuality Driven Software Architecture
QUASARQuality and Safety Achievement Recognition (NASA)
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Quasars, the brightest objects in the universe, may have been responsible for the stopping of star-formation activity in some of the early massive galaxies in the universe, a new study suggests.
New research, led by Frederick Hamann, a professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of California, Riverside, describes the discovery of a unique new population of extremely red quasars.
Safeware Quasar was founded in 1988 and began trading as a chemical regulatory consultancy service provider.
Speed of the winds around a quasar in constellation Cetus compared with the highest sustained winds seen in any of Earth's hurricanes
We are lucky to have spotted the quasar and made follow-up observations," Wu said.
Knowing the distance to the quasar, the researchers calculated the wavelength for Lyman alpha radiation from that distance and built a special filter for LRIS to get an image at that wavelength.
Spectra-Physics' new Quasar 355-45 and Quasar 532-75 lasers will be featured at LASER World of Photonics in Munich, Germany, May 13-16, 2013.
All of the digester sites--including the one Quasar developed in Collinwood with Forest City Enterprises earlier this year, will have compressed natural gas, or CNG, dispensers open to the public, said Kurtz.
1 have provided the evidence of quasar ignition with an enormous amount of gas to be driven outward at high speed or a galactic superwind [19].
Quasar Elite Birmingham is based at Acocks Green Bowl in the centre of Acocks Green, with plenty of onsite parking, and is open from 12 noon every day.
Quasar employs over 150 digital professionals across these offices and works with Microsoft, General Motors, Eureka Forbes, Kingfisher amongst others.
The state-of-the-art Quasar machines are said to position this company as a supplier of the most modem universal testing machines.