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QUESTQuantifying and Understanding the Earth System (University of Bristol; UK)
QuESTQuantum Entanglement Science and Technology (US DARPA)
QuESTQuantum Entanglement Science and Technology
QUESTQuality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (Canada)
QUESTQuantum Entangled States of Trapped Particles
QUESTQueuing Event Simulation Tool (software)
QUESTQ and U Extra-Galactic Sub-mm Telescope (UK)
QUESTQUerying for EnzymeS using the Three-hybrid system
QUESTQuality Electrical Systems Test
QUESTQuarterly European Simulation Tool
QUESTQuery, Update Entry, Search, Time Sharing System
QUESTQuery Evaluation and Search Technique
QUESTQuality Enhancement Simulation Training
QuESTQuality Engineering and Software Technologies Private Ltd
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QUESTCentre Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research (Hannover, Germany)
QuESTQuality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications
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As touching the other pilgrims of the Great Carbuncle, the legend goes on to tell, that the worshipful Master Ichabod Pigsnort soon gave up the quest as a desperate speculation, and wisely resolved to betake himself again to his warehouse, near the town dock, in Boston.
Here he remained all the succeeding day, as well to give time for the Crows to get in the advance, as for the stragglers, who had wandered away in quest of water two days previously, to rejoin the camp.
Pipt, and how he had brought the Glass Cat and the Patchwork Girl to life, and the accident to Unc Nunkie and Margolotte, and of Ojo's quest and his journey with Dorothy.
For three days he continued his quest, until he had come to a part of the jungle in which he never before had been.
They saw men who were strong oppress the weak and grind down the poor, and so they told the story of the Quest of the Holy Grail to try to make them a little better.
The little New Hanover boy had been frightened, but had proved faithful, following him without hesitancy into the bush in the quest after the source of the wonderful sound.
Especially had he been in quest of the famed jungle butterfly, a foot across from wing-tip to wing-tip, as velvet-dusky of lack of colour as was the gloom of the roof, of such lofty arboreal habits that it resorted only to the jungle roof and could be brought down only by a dose of shot.
Bassett flexed his arm-muscles in quest of what possible strength might reside in such weakness, and dragged himself slowly and totteringly to his feet.
As soon as he had dispatched this messenger, he went in quest of his sister, whom he found reading and expounding the
This one went forth in quest of truth as a hero, and at last got for himself a small decked-up lie: his marriage he calleth it.
When Saxon had told him of their attempt to get away from Oakland and of their quest for land, he sympathized with the first and shook his head over the second.
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