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QUIDPound Sterling (UK money)
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He put the whip back in its socket, took his foot from the dashboard, pushed his hat back, blew his quid of tobacco into the road, and having thus cleared his mental decks for action, he took his first good look at the passenger, a look which she met with a grave, childlike stare of friendly curiosity.
Morrel," said he, again turning his quid, "as for that" --
However, we two were hard up; and what's five quid to him--once in sixteen hard years?
Floyd, made the one remark of his that need be quoted: he offered to toss Freddy for Miss Bartlett's quid.
To commence with," Slim answered, "there were forty fat pigs, each worth a fathom of prime shell-money, and shell-money worth a quid a fathom.
Yes, sir," said the fellow who with a quid of tobacco bulging out his left cheek kept his eyes on the compass card.
Queer old buster, old Nutcombe, leaving a fellow he hardly knew from Adam a cool million quid just because he cured him of slicing.
com's professionalism and commitment to producing high-quality visual communications was acknowledged by Jacqui Sayers, Development Editor at QUID, who said, "Joanna and her team have been a pleasure to work with throughout this project, always highly professional, diligent, flexible and helpful.
Lee Limited Family Partnership II, together with Quid Board Member Michael Patsalos-Fox and Quid Chairman and founding investor Charles Lho.
Unprocessed tobacco sold in loose form, including betel quid with tobacco, is often not taxed and does not display any package warning labels.
All pensioners have to do is ask the driver for the kids for a quid ticket and the family can spend a full day making the most of the school holidays.
Mu-Rong Chao and Chiung-Wen Hu explained that betel quid (BQ) consists of nuts from the arcea tree, sometimes combined with spices, such as cardamom or saffron, and other ingredients.