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QUMQuality Use of Medicines (Australia)
QUMQuoniam (Latin: because, codices and manuscripts)
QUMResume Normal Transmissions (radiotelegraphy)
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a whether the secret nuclear facility in Qum is actually a nuclear weapons plant.
The draft was finalized, and on October 14, Sistani's office in Qum made public his endorsement in favor of the constitution and urged followers to actively participate in the referendum with a "yes.
Najaf spiralled into a socioeconomic and intellectual decline, and in the middle of the twentieth century was superseded by Qum in Iran as the major academic centre.
Similarly the Iranian government will be alert to the need to protect the Shia communities in the south and especially the Holy Cities of Kerbela and Najaf which rank with Qum and Meshed.
In the novel version of The Sum of All Fears, Ryan actually prevents the president from launching a nuclear attack on the Iranian city of Qum, where Ayatollah Daryaei resides.
Designs recall the look of Persian city rugs, such as Nain and Qum.
The Muslim religious schools of today, whether grand edifices like al-Azhar and the Shiite seminaries at Qum in Iran, or the myriad humble madrasas of Pakistan and pesantrens of Indonesia, have roots in the resolution of this crisis of authority that arose more than 800 years ago.
His home for the past 10 days has been a tent at the Qum Guzar refugee camp in Northern Alliance-controlled North Afghanistan.
37] After his elimination, however, it was reported th at there was a demonstration among the supporters of al-Sadr in Qum against Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim, who, in their eyes, didn't show enough sympathy to al-Sadr.
Located 35 kms southwest of Tehran, there are plans for the obligatory upgrading of the Qum and Saveh highways, but probably more important for visitors who blanch when faced with Iranian driving, there will be a rail connection linked to the metro network.
Just as soldiers should remain in their barracks and stay away from politics, the conservatives should stay in the city of Qum, which many want to become the "Islamic Vatican.
In Qum he was first a student and then a follower of Khomeini.