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QUOSearch (radiotelegraphy)
QuOQuality Object
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If a quo warranto is given due course, does this mean that even the president can be removed using quo warranto?
While there are specific legal provisions on quo warranto, there has been no prior quo warranto brought against a CJ.
The purpose of quo warranto is to oust a usurper of public office, one who may have been appointed despite being ineligible to occupy the post.
That's a proper course of action, quo warranto, because there are two separate causes of action.
It's not every day you get to meet the drummer from Status Quo.
Often, unskilled people attack the status quo head-on, with little or no sophistication.
After leaving the Quo -- after 20 years -- Coghlan worked with a number of musicians and during the late nineties he formed the John Coghlan band -- which became John Coghlan's Quo in 2010 when there was a change in the line-up.
The Jokers said: "We are thrilled to be opening for the legendary Status Quo at the Parc Y Scarlets Stadium.
Then one day my niece phoned up and said she was buying tickets to take her mum and dad to see Status Quo in Liverpool, and asked if my wife and I wanted to go with them.
Their first hit Pictures Of Matchstick Men came way back in 1968, the same year Quo made their first Newcastle appearance - at the fabled Club A'Gogo.
They did a good job before making way for the Quo, fronted, as always, by Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi.
First and foremost, ignore people who say Quo only know three chords - these guys are brilliant musicians and always have been.