QVFQualified Voter File (Michigan Department of State)
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QVF delivers a range of engineering services over the plant lifecycle, including full process-optimized plant concepts utilizing the company's own equipment and third-party products.
Frank Dorstewitz, Chemical Engineering Manager, QVF Engineering.
The new agreement builds on a five year relationship between QVF and AspenTech.
Land has made it a priority to identify those records in the QVF that are obsolete and subject to cancellation.
Since last July, using funds from the national Help America Vote Act, the Department of State has reimbursed local clerks more than $220,000 for the costs of mailing new voter ID cards to registered voters-the main method for verifying those records in the QVF which are up-to-date.
To ensure accuracy, mailings based on the information will be sent to the address listed in the file for individuals in the QVF with voting history.
With headquarter in Mainz, QVF currently generates Euro 85m, 80% of which in Europe, the remaining 20% coming from the USA and the rest of the world.