QVIQuasi Variational Inequality
QVIQuality Vision International, Inc. (Rochester, NY)
QVIQuality Verification Inspection
QVIQuest Vacation International (Singapore)
QVIQuantum Vision, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
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More than 50,000 QVI systems are used by manufacturers in over 75 countries around the world to measure and inspect their products for quality and process control.
Instead of relying on high temperature to promote energetic molecular collisions QVI Hammer Technology creates high-velocity fluid streams that break chemical bonds (thus cracking long-chain hydrocarbons) at near-ambient conditions.
The decision to expand our portfolio to include QVI Hosting allows us to nourish our partnership with QualityTech.
Stephen Flynn, President of the Optical Gaging Products (OGP) division of QVI said: "ShapeGrabber satisfies a need among our customers for fast, easy-to-use industrial 3D scanners that can measure complex shapes effectively.
QVI focuses on delivering components which are expensive to set up and maintain, in a shared or "virtualized" capacity.
There is no assurance at this time that an agreement will be reached between the Company and either QVI or Kapco or that an acquisition will be concluded.